Thursday, May 31, 2007



もも (ペコリ)
J & R

Hello there! :)
We've decided to take some time off to update this JP Version.
Thank you so much for those who have come by and dropped some lines.
One day we'll be back here again. Until then, please click my big head shot
to visit my diary in English.

にほんブログ村 犬ブログ キャバリアへ せっかくなのでついでにクリックお願いしますワン!!


Anonymous said...

like your blog it has a lot of great information.

God bless

Sassy Cat said...

I just love your picture. You certainly have such a cute face. I am glad that you came to my Halloween party on Sunday. Of course you were welcome, I like dogs too. Hope you had a good time.Let's stay in touch

Sassy Cat said...

Stopping in to wish you a Happy Halloween. Hope you had a fun day.

Sassy Cat said...

Talked to Momo today and looks like we will get together next Friday. Does that work out for you?

Sassy Cat said...

Hey, stopping in today real quick to remind you of Opus & Roscoe's pizza party today. Don't forget to drop by. Also surprise from me to all, my picture is posted!

DaisyMae Maus said...

Momo ... You have furry soulful eyes ... An' I love your ears, too.

Sassy Cat said...

See you on Friday, looking forward to getting together. I am going to bring some doggie bones for you to chew on.

Anonymous said...

I think your blog has a lot of good information on it. Thank you and God bless


Chris said...

Momo is beautiful!

Barlow Putz said...

ashley asked me to say hi so hi from me and also hi from maximillian]HEE,HEE, THAT IS MAX

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